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Large Mushroom Shelf

Large Mushroom Shelf

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Unearth the magic of functional art and add a dash of quirkiness to your living space with the Mushroom Shelf. Because ordinary shelves are so last season – it's time to let your decor bloom with a touch of fungal fantasy! The cap itself becomes a unique and spacious display area for all your curiosities. Imagine showcasing your favorite trinkets, tiny plant friends, or even a miniature gnome village – the possibilities are as endless as the enchanted forest!🍄✨

Large Mushroom Shelf
Measurements -
9.5" tall X 9.5" wide
Shelf Area -
9" wide X 5" deep

Each piece is printed per order so the gradient of the filament may vary in your mushroom.
The face is handpainted a slightly darker color from the filament to make it stand out more and sealed so the color and opacity may vary slightly as well.

Each shelf has 2 holes in the back for hanging.
Maximum weight on shelf 4 lb
Each filament is slightly transparent
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